Contract Hire Home Charger Offer



Contract Hire Home Charger Offer - 7KW PodPoint Home Charger

Get your free PodPoint home with standard installation* on all EV and PHEV models paid for by Jaguar Contract Hire & Land Rover Contract Hire. Terms and conditions apply

Qualifying clients who do not require the home charger will be offered the equivalent value as a reduced monthly rental. The Retailer will show you the reduced monthly rental and ask you to sign a client confirmation form to demonstrate the lower monthly rental option has been provided. This will be submitted to Jaguar Contract Hire/Land Rover Contract Hire to be logged.

Leasing a Range Rover model from the PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) range offers several compelling reasons. Firstly, the PHEV technology combines the power and versatility of a traditional combustion engine with the environmental benefits of electric driving, reducing your carbon footprint and fuel consumption.

The Range Rover's PHEV model provides exceptional performance with its electric motor and combustion engine working together seamlessly, delivering instant torque and impressive acceleration. This ensures a thrilling driving experience while maintaining fuel efficiency.

Moreover, leasing allows you to enjoy the latest innovations and technologies without the long-term commitment of ownership. Range Rover models are renowned for their luxurious interiors, cutting-edge features, and advanced safety systems, ensuring both comfort and peace of mind.

Leasing also offers financial advantages, such as lower monthly payments compared to purchasing and avoiding the hassle of depreciation.


Terms and conditions

  • To be eligible, orders must be placed between 01.07.24 and 30.09.24.
  • The promotion is exclusive to Jaguar Contract Hire & Land Rover Contract Hire transacted directly by Jaguar and Land Rover Retailers.
  • Eligible nameplates for this offer are all Jaguar and Land Rover EV and PHEV models.
  • If you wish to take up the 7KW home charger and standard installation offer, please sign the client consent agreement presented by the Retailer which gives Jaguar Contract Hire & Land Rover Contract Hire permission/consent to share your limited data with PodPoint: name, phone number, email address, vehicle make, model and what to do if you change your mind and want to opt out.
  • On completion, the Retailer will email either a pdf copy of a printed (not handwritten) client consent agreement, or an electronically signed and scanned client consent agreement, to the Jaguar Contract Hire & Land Rover Contract Hire Internal Support team to be categorised and logged.
  • The Retailer will then destroy the client consent agreement via their confidential waste.
  • At the start of the following week after the client consent agreements are received, Jaguar Contract Hire & Land Rover Contract Hire will review qualifying orders and client consent agreements to ensure they’re eligible before sending securely to PodPoint.
  • PodPoint will then email you within 2 working days from receipt of the client consent agreement with a unique link, which once accessed shows the detail of the 7KW home charger and standard installation offer.
  • If you change your mind, you can follow the details set out on the client consent agreement to remove your permission and your access to the offer.
  • If you wish to add additional items to your order e.g. a cable bag, or if the installation goes beyond standard installation, you’ll be presented with the additional costs to do so. Once finalised at checkout you’ll need to arrange to pay PodPoint directly for these additional items.
  • You will also need to sign up to the PodPoint terms & conditions. These terms and conditions are between PodPoint and you the client. Jaguar Contract Hire and Land Rover Contract Hire are not supplying the home charger nor do they have any responsibility or liability for its installation or performance.
  • PodPoint will arrange a convenient date for installation at your home address.
  • Before going ahead, you must have authority to arrange installation at your main residence. It’s also important to check your residence is suitable for a charge point to be installed.
  • Signed consent forms must be received by 31st October 2024.
  • If you select the lower monthly rental option then the Retailer will include this on the quotation and you will see the lower monthly rental on the order. The Retailer will show you the reduced monthly rental and ask you to sign a client confirmation form to demonstrate the lower monthly rental option has been provided.

* ’Standard Installation’ means installation and unit commissioning by a PodPoint engineer whereby the EV charge point is on a brick or plaster wall, with up to 15 metres of cabling, run through a single wall of up to half a metre thickness and the cable is clipped flush to the wall at a height of 6ft. Installation covers the majority of homes in the UK.

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